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We love telling stories

Using the latest cameras and lightnings we produce striking imagery, alongside other services like in-house video production and video editing, photo-realistic CGI and post-production.


With a dedicated team of photographer and our 1,500 sq ft photography studio in Digbeth, Birmingham, we provide the edge for our clients.


Great imagery tells a story without saying a word… We provide all kinds of creative photography, including: Lifestyle Photography, Food Photography, Product and Jewellery Photography and Cut-Out for E-commerce Photography.


From high-end handbags and top-of-the-range luxury goods to shoes, clothing and food, SAINT LOUPE™ has the flexibility in-house to deliver on almost any brief. With an open and spacious studio layout, we have the space to store your product, keep it organised, tracked, packed and ready to be returned. We provide comfortable client facilities, enabling you to work remotely between shots. With a built-in kitchen and model changing facilities, as well as retouching and post-production on site.


Post-production is a necessary part of the process of filmmaking, video production, and photography. All the stages of the post-production process right down to the tiniest detail are managed by our dedicated team, ensuring the final product is always of the highest quality.